Shawnee Mountain Ski Trip

Shawnee Ski Trip Information
!!!What Do You Do!!!
Link:Group Sales Website
Friday January 25th-Saturday January 26th


 Donette Behrens     Email Address
70-421-7231 ext: 224

 Step 1
(Prior Year)
Before leaving Shawnee, leave a $500 deposit for the same weekend the following year.
Make sure groupsales sends you an email copy of the receipt.
This should be left on the troop credit card and the receipt should be sent to the treasurer.
 Step 2 Early September you should get an email from with the latest package details, terms, prices, etc.
 Step 3 12 weeks prior to our arival date, which is usually mid November an additional $1000 deposit should be made to the mountain via phone.
 Step 4  Right after you make the deposit you should start advertising to the troop.  This trip makes a great Christmas present, so get the word out in time for people to purchase for the holidays
 Step 5 Make sure Dotty has the sign-up forms so she can start recording numbers for the trip
Be sure to check the prices of lift tickets, rentals, helmets, lessons, etc. as these change slightly year after year.
 Step 6 Right after the 1st of the year will start the full court press.  You will receive an email from the mountain to start booking online rentals, broadcast this out A.S.A.P. because people are horible about doing it on time.
 Step 7 Stay in touch with Dotty as to the names and numbers and announce the trip at every Troop meeting.  Regular Email reminders, about once a week also helps.
 Step 8 The Friday before the trip send Forms A, B, C to the Mountain.  Make sure the rooming list has Downstairs Boys, and Upstairs, GIRLS/ADULTS so they do not start moving bunks around in the cabin unnessasarilly.
 Step 9 Monday before the trip blast out an online rental reminder!
 Step 10 Tuesday night before the trip, the online rental site will close.  Anyone who has not done online rentals at this point will have to file the 1040 long form when they get to the mountain.
 Step 11 Thursday nights meeting before the trip make sure everyone going without family has a ride with someone.
 Step 12 Friday of the trip
Make sure you buy:

  • Peanut Butter (2 Large plastic Bottles)
  • Jelly (2 Large plastic Bottles)
  • White Bread (usually 5 loaf depending on number of attendees)

Get to the mountain between 2:00 and 2:30 to pick up the package from group sales. So you can be up in the Summit Lodge by 3:00PM when people start to arrive.  Make an appointment with group sales for the business meeting on Saturday morning, usually at 10:AM after the group morning rush.

 Step 13  Act as cruise director for the arriving skiers.  Hand out:

  • Wrist Bands proof they live in the Lodge
  • Lift Tickets
  • Rental Stickers for back of lift tickets
  • Helmet Rental tickets
  • Lesson forms
 Step 14  Saturday morning

  • Makes sure nobody hits the slopes before 8:AM when the mountain opens
  • They need to have all of their stuff out of the rooms by 10:AM
  • Make the peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches for later
  • Get down to group sales for the business meeting to settle any final expenses
  • Before you leave do step #1 leave a deposit for next year
 Step 15  Sigh of relief, done until next year
 FILES  This is the SHAWNEE Spreadsheet:
2019 Shawnee Roster